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  • Natalie M. - Toronto, Canada

    "I was looking for an online toy store that sold yellow rubber ducks and found ShipDucky. I didn't realize I was in for the thrill of different celebrity ducks! I bought a gift for a friend and ended up buying a duck for myself! I am definetly coming back for my kids' birthday gifts."


  • Chris B. - Seattle, USA

    "I had to break it off with this girl I was dating so I sent her a classic original yellow duck with a message.. it read "Here's a Rubber Duck that floats to keep you company during your baths because I won't anymore" Needless to say, I am thankful to SHIPDUCKY! THE BEST ONLINE STORE FOR DUCKS!"


  • Monika T. - London, UK

    "I found out I was having a child and my husband loves the Godfather series. I bought the GodFeather duck and had ShipDucky break the news that I was pregnant. He is so excited we are having a mini him to watch the movie again! Thank you ShipDucky for the memories!"


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are a online toy store that specializes in Rubber Ducks! We Ship Ducks, Original yellow Rubber Ducks or Celebrity Ducks with any message that you want to include. They can float, be your office mascot, your desk paper weight or better yet a gift to anyone!

Yes! You can absolute be as creative as you want or in this case, be as blunt as a duck! If you are congratulating someone or breaking up with someone, the message is yours to choose.

Yes! You can ship anywhere in Canada & beyond! We'll just charge the appropriate shipping for the package upon checkout

All ducks leave the flock from Toronto, Canada!