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Bob Marley "One Pond" Rubber Duck

Bob Marley "One Pond" Rubber Duck

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Introducing the Reggae Duck, the ultimate collectible rubber duck for any fan of the legendary Bob Marley!

This rubber duck is inspired by Bob Marley's iconic style and music, featuring a cool and colorful design that pays tribute to his Jamaican roots. With its dreadlocked hair, Rasta hat, and guitar, the Reggae Duck is the perfect way to celebrate the music and spirit of Bob Marley.

Made from high-quality materials, this collectible rubber duck is not just a stylish addition to your collection, but also a durable and functional item that can be used in the bath or pool. Whether you're a fan of Bob Marley or simply looking for a unique and playful addition to your rubber duck collection, the Reggae Duck is a perfect choice.

So why settle for an ordinary rubber duck when you can have the Reggae Duck, a collectible that celebrates the music and legacy of one of the greatest musicians of all time? Order yours today and bring a touch of reggae to your bath time fun!

Where can I use my ShipDucky?
-In the water where we belong! Great for bathtubs, beach days and swimming pools!
-At home, at the office, or on your desk. We're beautiful to look at and will attract all the attention!
-Send us to any of your family or friends as a warming gift, prank, or to put a smile on their face!

What comes with my order?
-A beautifully crafted rubber ducky
-A custom message printed on a ShipDucky card. The reverse of the card will include a customized message from the sender & name of sender as well (unless you want to be an anonymous Duck!) Please add the text you wish to have included on the note in your order comments. If no text is added, we will ship a blank card for you to write on yourself at a later time.
-Packaged in a specially designed collector’s box

Product Specifications:
-Made from phthalate-free, BPA-free and lead-free material
-Measures approximately 10 cm/4”tall and 10cm/4” long
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Each Duck comes with a CARD!

When you order your ShipDucky Duck to be sent off to whoever it is you choose, we send a "You've Been Ducked" card along with it! The reverse of the card will include a customized message from the sender & name of sender as well (unless you want to be an anonymous Duck!)

  • Is it worth it?

    Whether or not a Duck becomes a toy or paper weight, you're given the ability to make someones day or in this case worsen it! It really is up to you to make or break the duck.

  • What next?

    Once you've placed your order, well ship you the tracking information so that you know your favorite person in the whole wide world has actually received the ducking news you've sent them!